How it started?

Born Out of a Coffee Shop

Starting a coffee shop in 2010 led us into a journey beyond imagination! Gone through multiple waves of coffee evolution, we've got to the point where the coffee shop is what it has been forever - a social experience. Serving the community, striving for quality, development and education are the reasons we still love being part of Miit Coffee - the local multi-roaster coffee hub!

Coffee in a Whole New Way

We love a delicious cup of coffee! But there is another side of the coin - in most cases, coffee after brewing is discarded as waste - that's building up to 80% of all coffee produced!
Right there we've found the inspiration to do coffee in a whole new way - using the whole coffee fruit, not just part of the bean.

We had to experiment for months, to get something out of what was intended to be solid coffee. But on International Coffee day, October 1. 2016, the first test sales of Coffee Pixels were started at MiiT Coffee shop. From starting small in Riga to being present in all three Baltic states took us a couple of months and certainly we look further to be available to anyone in Europe through 2017. What started as an idea has become a product with endless destinations and we have more great ideas for the coming versions of Coffee Pixels, so let's be in touch!

A Vision for Coffee 

Working in the coffee industry for over 6 years taught us the importance of sustainability in every step of coffee production. The true impact of the perfect cup is to serve it to as many people as possible. And with Coffee Pixels we have made specialty coffee even more accessible to millions of people worldwide. 

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