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It looks like a tiny chocolate bar but tastes very much of coffee

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Let's combine my two addictions into one portable product. What could possibly go wrong? #heresmymoney

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Coffee Pixels makes coffee culture more sustainable

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Instant pick-me-up wherever you are

Whether you're packing for a trip, going on a seriously breathtaking hike or having fun at a party - a pixel is a staple. Heck, even a desk-job could benefit from an afternoon pick-me-up. Use it wherever you want, we won't judge.

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Made to perform

We don't like waste but we do like products that perform - so we made one. Weighing in at just 10g, a pixel bar packs a punch. It gives up to 4 hours of energy, simply because it is absorbed by the body more slowly. Forget about the jolts of energy and horrible caffeine crushes. It's rich in antioxidants and fiber, made with the whole coffee bean and cherry. Others throw that away, but like we said - we don't like waste.

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Proudly harvested and created

Our team crafts the pixel bars out of specialty coffee. The producers are highly-skilled fair-trade workers who are paid market wages. By using organic and healthy fat we can slow the caffeine's absorbance rate which leads to a smoother ride and helps absorb all the antioxidants.

Why Coffee Pixels?

natural  ▪  zero-waste  ▪  mobile

1 bar gives up to 4 hour energy

rich in antioxidants and fiber

delicious like craft chocolate

made with whole coffee beans and coffee fruit

Coffee Pixels: No caffeine crush


Avoid the crash that comes after drinking coffee - a smoother ride rather than a jolt and a crash.

Coffee Pixels: Improves Brain Performance


Rich in polyphenol and flavanol antioxidants, Coffee Pixels boosts brain cell health, leading to better focus, memory and learning.

Coffee Pixels: Works Longer


Coffee Pixels give you 4 solid hours of steady energy, as it's absorbed by the body more slowly.

Coffee Pixels: Easily Portable


Your coffee goes where you go - take it on a hike, on a flight, to the countryside. No setup required, just eat.

Coffee Pixels: Slows ageing


By stimulating cellular energy production, it keeps cells more vital and preserves youthfulness, cancer-fighting.

Coffee Pixels: Improves digestion


As Coffee Pixels are made with the the whole coffee cherry, the coffee bar is high in fiber and polyphenols, which are responsible for a healthy gut microbiome.


I try to travel as much as possible. My destinations are mostly random choices - starting from Asia to places in Europe. And everywhere it’s hard to find good coffee. When I went vegan, it became even more difficult. Coffee Pixels are the perfect solution! They taste amazing, give me the needed energy, are easy to take with me and I don’t have to deal with coffee disappointments.

– Sibilla, passionate traveler

Honestly it was a surprise when I opened the box expecting to find a bag of coffee ;) I think it’s super well made and well presented, the flavour is good, more generic ‘espresso’ flavour than reminding me of a cup of specialty, but not bad espresso, or bad chocolate :) a first time I’ve not been made sad by tasting something like this ;)

– Dale Harris, World Barista Champion 2017

"We tasted the early prototypes of Coffee Pixels at the Barista Camp Estonia in 2016 and could not wait to hear from Coffee Pixels about their progress."

– Ales Pospisil,

Best of both worlds! ☕️🍫😍

– Merijn Gijsbers, Dutch Barista Champion 2017

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